Monday, 6 August 2012

Let Your Garden Grow............

After I lost my one woman battle with the garden slugs last Christmas I made a New Year Resolution to stop trying to grow veg and turn to flowers instead.
The weather has been awful for us humans but by golly has my garden loved it!!!
The above honeysuckle is in its 2nd year and has by far the most flowers on it this year.
Lovely delicate petals.
Beautiful shaped flowers.
Of course my beloved Ox-eye daisies.
Borage, which the Bees go mad for!
We planted Pinks for the first time this year and have had some lovely blooms.  We hope they will spread over the coming year.
I have always had good success with Geraniums.  Sophie brought one home from school to grow and measure and basically keep a diary on it as part of her science lessons in Year 3.  Well it is still going and blooms all year round!!  It loves my kitchen windowsill.
Our Leeks did not do anything at all but the flowers that are created if you leave them are a perfect ball shape made up of lots of little flower heads.
Very unusual flower.
My little herb garden is happily doing its own thing as well.  Can not eat it fast enough.  The hydrangeas, Hollyhock gift, hanging baskets have survived past the 1st of August as well.  So the rain has been good for the garden and my first season on my flower garden project is off to a good start!
The Bees love it and so far I have found plants that the slugs do not seem to be so keen on.
I also love my little camera, taking pictures of plants is really enjoyable.  Some of these pictures will be made into cards as well.


Toffeeapple said...

My Honeysuckle has had a good pruning recently as it has been threatening to take over the whole garden. Those Leek flowers look as good as Allium Christophii, don't they?

I have two new Pelargoniums, one is a brilliant white and the other is a deep burgundy, they look lovely together.

Wendy said...

My honeysuckle has outdone itself this year! I love getting the nectar from the cent of the flowers, so sweet! Your pink honeysuckle is beautiful! Your little flower garden is just wonderful.

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