Sunday, 19 August 2012

A time to fish

On Friday we decided to try a little fishing on Seaford beach.  The last time we tried we did very well and caught enough for tea.
High tide and hubby was trying to keep his feet dry due to leaving his beach shoes in the car!
The waves were frequent and quite spectacular.
This is the first year that Sophie has really been able to have a go herself.  Always watched but actually doing it is much more fun.  Sophie is not quite so sure about the lug worms though!
A glorious day and the sound of the sea could easily lull you to sleep.
I keep me awake I decided to take some photos of interesting finds on the beach that I might be able to use next term.
Shapes, textures and colours.  Being a very pebbly beach shells are a bit thin on the ground but there are still some lovely things to photograph.
I do find seaweed a bit awkward as it never looks as good as it does in real life but the shapes and colours can be seen here.
Plus, of course, too many stones to decided which to take pictures of!
We did find a well rubbed oyster shell and since then we have found one that is even more interesting.
It was a lovely few hours just sitting, looking, helping, photographing and basically not rushing around.
Oh and the fishing?.....
We did not catch a single thing.
So we went off to the local fisheries in Newhaven and bought some to make a lovely home made Fish and Scallop Pie with the help if Delia Smith...............gorgeous it was.


Tatkis said...

Wonderful photos - it seems you had a great day!


Toffeeapple said...

Looks a spectacular beach.

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