Monday, 23 July 2012

Summer has Begun

The start of the summer holiday has been busy with Sophie taking part in a ballet production for three evenings last week and on Saturday night we went to the Arts Theatre to watch it.  It was very good and considering the girls (and a few lads) only have lessons once a week and the groups have those lessons at different times, it all slotted into place very well.
The above picture has nothing to do with the ballet but the posts needs a picture and photos could not be taken at the performance.
We were then invited back to our friends house for coffee and a chat which started off the break really well.
Sunday was a glorious day and so many little jobs done outside in the garden.  The decking and chairs are out, the big umbrella is up and this family is now very ready for the summer,,,now....please weather keep it going for a bit at least.
Today I did go into school for about 4 hours and spent a fun packed session sorting out paper work!!!
Oh yes folks....nothing more fun than seeing just how much work you have done only to have to throw it away because it is out of date in the eyes of someone else.  It is recycled by the way.  So many drawings, photos etc, oh well never mind.

When I got back at about 3pm Sophie and hubby decided to go out on their bikes, but with my hip and upper back the way it is at the moment I decided to give it a miss and enjoy the chance to cook our meal without being knackered or having hubby make it.
Homemade Ratatouille and pasta plus a angel delight and fruit sundae surprise and a sneaky sit outside in between.
google images
After dinner we set off down to the nearby beach to look for some shells and any small bits of driftwood for my art lessons next year.  I have cleaned them off and I shall take some pictures tomorrow.  There were so many people there with the same idea, a glorious Cornish coastline view and calm sea....perfect but sorry no camera, it really was a spur of the moment idea.  I will get my act together and have everything I need in one place for going out like that.

As for tomorrow, well I am going to go back into school to finish off what I started today and maybe tackle the filing cabinet if there is time because in the afternoon hubby has a boat survey in Looe and we are going to tag along.  I shall pack my camera as well.
A preety good start to the summer holiday so far.
What have yo been up?

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Ali said...

I hope you have a lovely summer. My mum was a teacher and the one thing she disliked was the paperwork. lucky you having a beach you can walk to, my idea of heaven. Ali x

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