Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Sketchbook Pages - Observational Drawing

I have a few pages from my school sketchbook.  We have been doing some work to develop observational and secondary drawing skills.
So we have been drawing something that I actually dislike doing.....buildings!
There was a trip to Truro which I did not go on as it clashed with another class but where there is a will there is a were used instead for me.
Please bear with me but I am prepared to bear all (from my sketchbook that is...)
I hope that you can see this but I decided to add photos and blend them in with my drawings.  I have done this with other projects and it is a little thing that I like to do.  It gets me into the flow of what I am doing.  Sections were drawn first with lines and tone in pencil.  I have been using a graphite stick.
Moved on to larger sections of the building.
Line and tone on the same drawing to show the differences.  These pages are part of my lesson planning so that the students can see what they should be aiming for.
Sections were then taken and re-arranged to form a more abstract appearance.  Sections that the drawer likes.  Some basic colour added again taking line and tone into account.
Developed those ideas with more shading, line and tone.
Experimental page.  Love doing these, just playing around to see what you end up with.
I then moved on to the final drawing....more on that tomorrow I need to take another picture of it.  Dull days are not great for pictures are they?
I really have enjoyed coming up with these pages, at the moment my sewing machine has quite a bit of competition from my sketchbooks!


Lynne said...

Great post, and you have made clear, very graphically (no pun intended!!) what is meant by line and tone for me. I still struggle with drawing from life, which is why I've enjoyed the freedom art journalling allows me to stick to flat images...wouldn't say I'm brilliant at them either!

For some one who dislikes drawing buildings you've really pulled this off!

Ali said...

I love your sketches. I'm not great at drawing so it's lovely to see people interpretations of things. The abstract pieces are great, love the colours. Enjoy the rest of your week. Ali x

Toffeeapple said...

Looking good, mind you, I'm glad you didn't 'bare all'!

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