Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Sew for Charity - Wiggley Bags

This is a project that I usually do with my Year 10 GCSE group but due to not having a group this year I decided to work it with my Year 9 group instead.
The Wiggley bags are used to keep the medicine lines untangled when in hospital and are used a lot with Cancer patients.
Once made I send them to Gina at Fan My Flame.
I started the aeroplane one last time I ran this project and the red one I made to show the girls what to do.
This picture shows some of the velcro which is used to hold the fabric together when in use.
There are more than shown in the picture and once done I shall send them off.  They are very straightforward to make and a pleasure to be able to send off to help those who will find them useful. I feel it is good for the students to learn about this.

1 comment:

dottycookie said...

It is good - and I can vouch for the fact that they are appreciated by small sick people.

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