Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Simple Gingham Layered Skirt for Sophie

There are many things that I love about being a Mummy.  The hugs, the kisses, the big smiles and of course the requests to put my sewing skills to good use.
Making skirts for girls is not something that I have done very often.  Even at college we tended to make items for adults.  Made may other clothes but not many skirts, not sure why either....anyway.
Sophie mentioned a RaRa skirt months ago and to be honest the weather did not really spur me on.  A week before the summer holidays Sophie spotted some lilac gingham with a delicate white daisy printed on it.  With no actual pattern I took a deep breath looked at the width of the roll and said "1 metre please".
Due to not having a pattern I decided to Google it and I found a tutorial over at Dana Made It.  It is called a Layered Skirt but to me it will always be a Ra Ra skirt, it is my age you see.  
I did tweak the instructions a little to suit the measurements I needed and my own approach, but it went together surprisingly quickly.
Two tiers was about right but Sophie wanted it just a little longer and thought that it would last longer seeing as she is growing so quickly.  I wonder sometimes....is she only 9 years old?
Sophie did help with the making by whizzing along the edge of each tier with my over edge stitch before I turned up a small hem.
Unlike the tutorial I decided to work from the waistband down to check length and I changed the proportions of the first tier to make it a little narrower.
Sophie had quite an input to the overall appearance of the skirt, it could have been much frillier and with more layers but this is exactly how Sophie saw her new skirt in her head, as she puts it.
It has already been worn many times and ready for its first go in the washing machine (crikey) and a request for some lightweight dungarees has been put in.  Not got a pattern for that either...any suggestions any one?  
I had a hug and a "Thank you Mummy."
Oh...a slushy Mummy moment.

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