Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Monster Plushie

This week we have been running a different timetable at school and on Monday I ran a days Monster Making Workshop.  I ran it last year but decided to do it differently this year.  As always, I made one along side the students to show the main stages.  See above, isn't she cute!!  I used fleece and on the arms I recycled one of Sophie's fleeces that she had outgrown.
A fun flower on the tummy with a button added a girlie touch to the design.
I have quite a few zips that are not suitable for any current projects so we used a few for mouths.  I have not used these on my monsters before.  One student put a tongue hanging out on their version.  This time we used felt for the features which worked much better this time.  Fleece features do tend to stretch too much.
I decided to add a flower on the back just as I did with my owl for the recent Mini swap that I did.  This time I also added one of my Indigo Blue Designs labels too.
I am really pleased with the way this monster turned out as it was not planned in advance as I wanted to show the students what they could do my developing an idea as they went along.
Would you like to see what they made?
The students are in year 9 which is about 14 years old.  Due to the new opting system many have not made anything like this for over a year. Amazing what they can remember when they know that they have only a day to make something!!
They did very well indeed.  For much of the day nothing was actually being said, heads were down drawing, cutting, pinning, stitching (groaning when they got the machine jammed), stuffing and stitching again.
A dream day and the look on their faces as they went of the room at 3pm said it all really!
From sketch to home in 300mins with happy kids who were "really pleased with the way mine turned out" being the main feeling.
It is days like these which keeps me wanting to teach every day!
Tomorrow I shall have more to tell of what I did on Tuesday, but for now all I shall say is that I am very worn out!!....


Ali said...

What a great project. Congratulations to your students on their fantastic monsters. They must have been really pleased with the end result. Ali x

Wendy said...

Looks like your class had some fun in making these! I love the zipper mouth on your sweet little girl!

Indigo Blue said...

I had another workshop on Thursday and another 12 were made.I still need to post the pictures of these.

katelnorth said...

These are great. I love the variety!

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