Thursday, 7 June 2012

Venetian Mask - Completed

Regular readers will know that over the past few weeks I have been making a Venetian mask along with my Year 8 group.  Some have elected to make different types of masks but to show encouragement I decided to make one too.  The Venetian mask appealed due to the potential glitz that could be used.
Yesterday I managed to finish it.
I wanted to mount the mask on a stand so that I could put it on my classroom for next year.  So a block of pine was painted blue with glitter mixed in and then some 3D paint and sequins added.  A hole was drilled for a painted dowel rod to fix in.
I then glued gun the dowel, feathers and wire that was covered in glitter and sequins to the top right and corner of the mask.  The glitter wire is in fact some Christmas bits that I bought from Lakeland Plastics years ago and forgot all about it until rummaging in the garage.
Glue guns are great for this sort of thing and I have a mini one so a reduced chance of burning any fingers.
I did add some braid around the edge to neaten it up.
Dowel with mask on is added to the base block and.......
The final outcome has turned out much better than I thought it would!  I love blue anyway and the gold added to it just makes it.  The mask could be used still and there are ribbon ties hiding around the back.  However, it has turned out heavier than I expected so using the dowel stick would be a better option.

So....what do you think?  I made a mask years ago as part of may degree but it was nothing like this.  I do think it helped the students who were not sure where to start to give this their best but some feedback from all of you would be great.  I am going to do this project differently and with an older age group in September.
One of the reasons why I started this blog was to have comments about what I had made, was it successful, does it look right etc, but comments have been very small over the past few months. perhaps blogger has made it too difficult to leave comments, especially for those who are not familiar with it.  Sometimes I can not read the anti spam words that you have to type in!

Any comments would be gratefully appreciated and there are loads of templates and tutorials on the net and Youtube if you fancy having a go yourself, they are ideal doe New Years parties.


Wendy said...

Your mask is beautiful! Adding the stand was a super idea as well. You should do a tutorial on making these for your readers!

Like you, I hate the new wording on blogger for comments. Comments on my blog have fallen off as a result also.

katelnorth said...

Personally, I consider it a good week when I have time to READ blogs, let alone leave comments :) But when specific requests are made...

I like the mask; No Year 8s in the house at the moment, but being in possession of both a Y7 and a Y9 student, I am sure they'd both have enjoyed this sort of project - some of the things they end up doing are a little uninspired, at least for kids who come from a high-craft household (I appreciate it's hard with the time and materials limits).

dottycookie said...

I think the stand really finishes your project beautifully.

Blogger's new word verification is nuts. I switched it off on my blog and rely on the inbuilt spam catching plus some gmail filters to save me from the worst of it. So far it seems to be working!

Julie said...

The mask is fabulous and I'm sure it will be a hit with the students. I agree, the stand shows it off beautifully.

Lynne said...

Hi I found your blog via Cathy at Potter Jotter.

I think the mask is brilliant - I've been 'doing' textiles for a while now and have seen loads of masks; most of them aren't too successful, they look on the clumsy side. Others become a receptacle for 'everything but the kitchen sink' by would-be textile artists. You know, 'I've learned this technique, I'm determined to use it, whether it's appropriate or not'! I think your porportions are just right, and the stand and dowel was inspired! Oh, by the way, I love indigo anything!

Lynne said...

oooh, PS, sorry! Yes, disable the word verification on your blogger template/layout thingy. I haven't had any problems since doing this. (Not that I have hundreds of commenters!)

Tatkis said...

Fantastic mask! I can see at the Venice carnival!


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