Thursday, 21 June 2012

Twiggy's Giveaway

A week or so ago I entered a Giveaway over at Twiggypeasticks and today it arrived!
Some cute Snoopy binding/tape, a pack of buttons.  Which will come in very useful this coming week, and a bundle of Gold Glitzy tape.
Many thanks Twiggy and just as I thought, Sophie has already asked about what to do with the Snoopy tape of course,  what is Snoopy?
I also had another surprise today.  It was the GCSE Textiles exam and just as we were going to start the little pep talk to get them ready I was given these.......
I shall let you now what I end up doing with them.  I need to do some marking tonight and I am having a meeting with my Head of Department tomorrow to discuss project ideas for next year.  So I have a box with  made up examples and samples.
I shall be back tomorrow with more sketchbook pages.  Many thanks for all of the visits to the last post.  I was really quite taken aback, not only by the lovely and supportive comments but the sheer number of you who popped by.
Take care all


Ali said...

Wishing you and your students all the best with their exams. My son's just finished his GCSE's and I know how hard they work. Lucky you on the give away. Ali x

Tatkis said...

It's always so nice to win a giveaway (I know;) ) - congratulations!
Hope to see more sketches soon!


Anne said...

Sounds like some exciting times coming your way. Love your give away win - have fun with it. :0)

Twiggy said...

My pleasure :)
Twiggy x

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