Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Sketchbook pages- Even more...

Hope I am not boring you with these pages and I have pretty much finished these lessons but I have not filled the sketchbook.  How do people manage to do that?
Anyway, the ones above use just about everything that has been covered over the weeks. I am completing these pages much faster than I used to and I am having to snatch time here and there.
 Felt tip pens.  Not so sure about this one.
Trying to put several elements all together on to a page.  Gone for a brighter colour scheme and added some notes around the outside.  Used all sorts of media for this one.
A completely different direction with flowers and using white to highlight areas  These are some camellias in my garden, I did have to use a photo due to them flowering and now gone.  I did go on to make a card with this idea for my Mum's birthday in August.  Very organised for a change.  This was part of a task set to do.  I then took this further.....
using the hydrangeas that we have coming into bloom in the garden.  I do have a lilac colour and blue tone flowers heads.  Which are going to be huge this year.
Very happy with this page.  I then got a bit carried away and did some more pages.
Took a picture of a flower that we bought for the Jubilee weekend and had a go drawing it.  I think that I let the page dictate too much here.....a bit square looking!!!
My little paintbox has been working over time in the year since I bought it from Amazon.  I needed to buy some replacement pans of paint last weekend.  The course does not cover pastels but that is where I headed next....
I wanted to try and achieve a rose design.  I used the paints and whitener but I do not think that it turned out right.  So I decided to try some soft pastels and a cotton bud to smudge it in.  Much better.
I have not finished this yet but this design has all pastel with some paint for the leaves and bits of the background.
Next I want to try these oil pastels.  Again they were not in the lessons but I want to branch out and do my own thing as well.
There is a little story behind this box of oil pastels.  I bought these, not really knowing what they were, when I was still at school, about 15/16 years old.  I was doing O'level Art and wanted to try something new.  Saved up for them too.
They have been with me through all of the house moves, my BTEC Fashion course, BA Fashion course, City and Guilds etc.  They are still going strong.  Worth the money. 
I shall be back with the pages that I do.
Hope you are still with me.  I am really enjoying my sketchbook and I am looking into trying a course which will give me a qualification too.  That will also make me find more time to do this , I have managed it in the past.  Especially if I have to pay for it as well.
I shall let you know what happens with that.


Jill Eudaly said...

You are my hero, working in a sketchbook. Somehow time slips away from me and sketchbboks gather dust. I think it's important to make time for drawing, it'S a skill one needs to keep up with.

Poppy Cottage said...

Your pictures are so vibrant and the sketchbook looks great. Hope you find that course.

My sister lives in Veryan and I am coming back down this week to look after her after a small op and was thinking how lovely it would be to jut go and wander around Heligan again. The story is a wonderful one isn't it. Take care. Colette x

Lynne said...

IT'S GOING TO BE SO GOOD LOOKING BACK THROUGH THAT SKETCH BOOK - QUITE APART FROM USING IT AS A TOOL. Oh sorry, I wasn't shouting, jst left the capitals on by mistake.
This is really encouraging me to have a go. I have sketch books, paper pencils wwater colours and pastels for when the children arrive (Today! YAY!) and we wil all do some scrap-booking and sketching.
I particularly loved the hydranger page, the second roses and of course, as soon as I saw the camellias I said CARDS! and of course, you had done.

No, not boring at all, keep them coming!

Tatkis said...

Wow, more sketches! Love the hydrangeas and roses too!


Kitty said...

What great sketches/designs. I particularly love the rose one in pastel and paint. I find oil pastels quite tricky, but they are an interesting medium, aren't they?

Lynne said...

Ooops, I did post but it's disappeared! Love the sletch book pages, esp the roses and hydrangers. Not boring at all, and very helpful and inspirational. You'll love re-visiting them later on.

Toffeeapple said...

I am still having trouble in getting motivated, how on earth do you manage to keep at it? I am so uncomfortable with the sketchbook thing, preferring separate sheets. I love your last rose picture!

Twiggy said...

These really are superb, great colours.

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