Friday, 29 June 2012

Owl Swap- What a Hoot!!

Excuse the title but it is Friday and I could not resist.....
I like to take part in swaps but sometimes I miss the sign up.  Tatyana  and I have been visiting each others blogs for a while now and we "met" when we were paired up for a swap.  So a few months ago I suggested a little swap between the two of us.  After exchanging a few ideas we both decided on Owls.
Tatayana's parcel arrived safely all the way from Australia and it as great fun to open.
Started off with lovely tissue paper which I am going to use in my next sketchbook.
A very striking card which I think will eventually go in my sketchbook too.
...this cute little Owl with lots and lots of hand stitched spots!  That is right, each of these spots have been cross stitched on to linen!    There is a hanging loop at the top.
So neatly stitched.
Some lovely ribbon, I will need to think carefully what to use this for.  I normally start to think about useful things for the new term in the Autumn.  Especially wallets and notebooks.
Sorry...blogger does not like this picture!!   I lovely set of fabric crayons!!  This is such as great gift as I use these a lot and I have nearly run out!!  I really do appreciate these and I shall post about these as soon as I produce something (worth looking at of course).
Oh, how i love felt!!!
Then a mysterious bundle of bubble wrap.......
....the sweetest set of embroidery scissors and one of Tatyana's handmade scissor keepers with a little snail on the end.  Isn't it cute!!  Lovely colour too with the flowers all over it.
A lovely and very generous parcel Tatyana and I appreciate the amount of time it must have taken to stitch all those spots.
Tomorrow I shall show you what I made and sent to Tatyana.
Take care


andrea said...

Love it all, especially that Owl!! Andrea x

Twiggy said...

Very lovely indeed
Twiggy x

Tatkis said...

I'm so glad we had this Owl swap and that you like my presents :)
It was a great pleasure!


manda said...


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