Sunday, 10 June 2012

More Sketchbook Delight Pages

I am nearing the end of my Sketchbook Delight lessons with Alisa Burke and thought that you might like to see what I have done.
We were encouraged to have a muse to draw from and I decided to use shells and  dried poppy seed head.
Looking at different types of pens and thickness fo lines, shading, cross hatching and basically trying out ideas.
I then used some of the test exercises using the shell.
A mixture of media to create sketches of both objects.
I really do like using watercolours paints the most and today I needed to buy a few more half pans of paint to replace the ones that I have used up.
Mixing up the media again here.  Some of the sketches may look similar but it is the learning that is involved with these sketches.
One of my better pages, I like working in black, white and shades of grey. The exercises certainly gave me the confidence to just throw caution to the wind and just put paintbrush to paper and all of the other media that we had been practising with.
Gradually adding of colour to the drawings.
Watercolour paints, water colour pencils and black fineliner pens on thick water colour paper.  
I have noticed a change in the pages as I have gone along and I have been really pleased with how the tasks have had a positive effect on my drawing.  The online course has been worth every penny.
I have a few more pages to come once I have finished the final lesson.
Take care


Tatkis said...

I like your sketches very much!


wonderwoman said...

they are really good, seems like an amazing course! x

Lynne said...

I am in awe of Alisa Burke's work. Your sketch book pages are inspiring me to just get on and DRAW instead of moaning about how I can't. I can copy, but life studies I find so hard - I need a 'clear,hard edge' to copy, I can't find it for myself. Love your tinting; I think also the quality of the water colour paper helps. Right Im on a mission! Thank you for sharing. (eeek did I really say that????) You know what I mean!

Ali said...

I can really see Alisa's style in your work. The sketches have really evolved. I really like the watercoloured seedhead, very pretty.
Ali x

Kitty said...

Really lovely sketches - I find this sort of thing so inspiring. x

Joanna said...

My mum loves painting with water colours. I would love to know what online course it is so that i can pass the details on to her. your sketches are amazing. I envy the ability to draw x

Indigo Blue said...

I have some more to show, just need to finish off a couple of tasks.

Indigo Blue said...

I am really trying to make sure that my drawings have their own approach which is why I have tried to use a muse that is totally different to that used on the course. I have always used black pen, I have a seed sketchbook that I created with the embroiderers guild two or more years ago before I found Alisa's site. Carrying out the exercises opens up uses of media. Moving away from them is now the next stage. I do not want to be copying in any way.

Lynne said...

Andrea just trying again to see if you can idea what to do differntly, mind you!

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