Saturday, 30 June 2012

Felty Owl Swap

Above shows the owl that I made for our little swap.  I was a bit sorry to see this being posted off so I have decided to make one for myself.
I have never made an Owl before and I do not have any patterns so I ended up making my own.
I really wanted to have some details on the back so a hand cut flower with some hand embroidery and an added button.
I thought that it broke up the lack of colour on the back.
I also sent this keyring with an owl theme.  I did not actually make this, I found it at a craft fair.
Plus this bracelet which  I made.  I also made a whole batch last month for my craft fair stall in July.
Plus a packet of tissues with the Union Jack on them, a Cornwall sticker plus a little notebook for red
recording your cross stitch or embroidery projects with thread colour codes.
I love taking part in swaps and this very mini one suited both of us because we both have busy jobs and there was no severe pressure to be completely on time if something came up and there was no confusion or disappointment is not receiving. 
I would love to do another mini swap once the term has ended.  I have not made any ATC's for a while.......
Anyway....I am in the process of putting this owl pattern into PDF format and I shall let you know when it is ready.  I have got to make sure that it all fits when it is printed.
Take care


Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

He is so cute Andrea....

Ali said...

No wonder you wanted to keep the owl, it's lovely. I really like flowerl detail on the back. They layered colours on the front are perfect.
A mini swaps a great idea. Especially when your short on time. It's always nice to receive something. I'm doing two at the moment and unbelievably the swappers know each other. AND they both are lovely people.
Have a lovely weekend. Ali x

Tatkis said...

You presents are so lovely, but the felt owl is my absolute favourite! So cute and bright and sweet!

Thank you for this swap, Andrea!


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