Friday, 22 June 2012

Create and Craft Club

I am a firm believer of passing down skills, knowledge and techniques that can be used at home, school etc which adds to a well rounded life.  Many of which I also feel are what were once called life skills!
So I have a small craft club at school with some Year 7 students.  They have been trying skills such as basic knitting, simple stitches, basic weaving, creating items with felt and more recently.
To support the knowledge of felt we had go at wet felting.
They loved getting messy with this.........
They used a range of beads and sequins.
Used a range of stitches to add to the design.  We will need to come back to this again.
The students were then given a small canvas to paint on using fabric paints.  The aim was to take the stitched panel and continue the design beyond the stitched piece and on to the background.
Any theme could be used.  A bit of a Jubilee theme here perhaps?
I have a TA who also joins in and helps with the group.  We both like to make as well, it encourages the less confident students.  So the picture above is of Maureen's stitched Canvas.
Finally mine.  It was nice for us all to sit down painting our canvas and having a chat about anything.
The last stage was to hand stitch the handmade felt to the canvas.
They are now on display in the main reception area.  I put them up today so the students do not know yet.
I am really pleased with these as the students do not know what we are making each time and I am just getting them to appreciate that you do need to take more than 5 mins to make something!
So next week we are starting something new.
What do you think of them?  The girls are 12 and are coming to the end of their first year at Secondary school.

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Tatkis said...

Wow, they all are just wonderful!
I wish I had something so creative at school (insted of plain cooking and apron sewing, though it was fun too :) )


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