Saturday, 16 June 2012

Barcelona Masks

My in-laws have been to Barcelona for their 50th Wedding Anniversary.  They are due back today.
During their stay they found some great masks in some of the shop window displays.  The above one is my favourite.  This was taken using an I-phone and the colours can come out very well.
These examples cover much more of the head.
This style is very similar in shape to the one that I made.  Many more feathers.  I think that might be my father in laws foot you can see here!
This is one huge feather!  Not sure if you could wear this very easily.
This is my design.  I thought that I had enough gold on my mask, but having seen these pictures I think I could have added lots more and more feathers too.
I have really enjoyed making my mask and I have started to plan for an extension project for this idea with the new Art Textiles course that I am running next year.  So you have not heard the last of this topic.
I do have some pictures of my students work which I shall post once I have sorted them out and got them the right way up.
Sophie is away tonight on a Brownie sleepover with about 80 other Brownies and Guides!  So hubby and I have bought a dinner for two, a bit of lamb etc and a couple of DVDs from Asda for a quiet night in.
We had planned to go to a lovely hotel nearby  but when we went to book we were told that there was a wedding booked!  Typical, so we shall go another time, once my friend's daughter has finished her exams and can babysit Sophie.  I want to actually put a dress on and heels, it is that kind of place!
I also have some costumes to alter for a production at school and for Sophie's ballet group.
Have a good evening xx


Ali said...

Thanks for sharing the beautiful masks they're certainly very extravagant but I think yours looks just as lovely. Hope you and hubby had a lovely relaxing evening in. Ali x

dottycookie said...

Thought of you the other day - the whole school have done projects about Olympic countries and one of them made a huge feathery mask for Brazil - incredibly vibrant!

Lynne said...

Hope you had a really lovely evening as a 'couple' again!
Those masks are incredible, aren't they? Proof that nothing succeeds like excess!

Kitty said...

I think I actually prefer your mask to all those others! It's so pretty. x

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