Monday, 14 May 2012

Sketchbook Sunday - On a Monday.

Been a bit hectic this weekend so a day late with this.  I have been working on my Venetian Mask and I thought some more pages from my sketchbook might be good.  I am really pleased with the way these pages turned out.
Plenty of paint and texture.
Bits of old lace has played a bit feature on my mask.
A final idea plan with two possible outcomes.
A pages of technique ideas with notes and different media.
The mask has a few layers of PVA and kitchen roll which was an idea that I saw on a children's art programme and it works really well.
Plus some thick watercolours using quite a large brush.  pushing the colour in between the lace detail.
A layer of darker blue paint to add some depth of colour.
Details added based on final design which was influenced by original research.
This is as far as I got today and I need to finish it for the next lesson as I try to be one or two steps ahead.
What do yo think so far.?

 I am really pleased with it.  The colour is not picked up right in the picture here, it is much more of a bluey greeny sort of colour.  I tried taking the picture indoors and out and this was the best I got.
I shall be back with the finished item later in the week all going well.
I also went to an embroiderers Guild workshop on Saturday so I am sorting that out foe a post as well.

It is all busy, busy,busy.


dottycookie said...

It's a very pretty blue; I've always been fascinated by Venetian masks, so to me that sounds like a fun project.

Tatkis said...

It looks fantastic! I love the blue painted lace idea!


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