Friday, 18 May 2012

Odd comments!

Due to "Anonymous" leaving some rather odd comments on my blog recently I am going to implement blogger approval for a while.  I try to make leaving a comment easy (although the number I get seems to have dropped off recently) so I do not really want to do this but it has happened three times now.
They always pick posts that are fairly old, in the case of today it is a post for last April.
I am hopeing that it will deter them or if it is a machine it will bounce back to them.
Not been around much this week but I do have some Zentangles and sketchbook pages to show.  Not much sewing going on at the moment.
I have had a box of fabric turn up yesterday which I will now need to photograph and put in my new web shop.  They are lovely fat quarters for quilting. patchwork etc.
I shall post some pics here as well.
I might be back later this evening with some sketchbook pics it really depends on whether I fall asleep in front of the "Tangled" film that Sophie wants me to watch with her tonight!
Well it is Friday night.  Gone are the days of going out partying all evening and then doing the same on Saturday.
Oh the memories.


Toffeeapple said...

I look forward to seeing your sketchbook, I need some inspiration in this miserably cold weather.

Julie said...

My DH had a lot of anonymous comments too on old posts. I think they've stopped since he turned on moderation. I use the word verification thingy that's a real pain but I don't get much spam. Hope you enjoyed 'Tangled'!

dottycookie said...

I set it so that moderation is on for comments on any posts older than a couple of weeks. It seems to work for me - I do get a lot of spam but the blogger filters catch most of it before I see it. I've had all the verification off for a few weeks now and have noticed no increase in spam.

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