Thursday, 3 May 2012

NEW Web Site Indigo Stitched Creations

Yipppeeee, my new web site is active.  You can now go and look at it and treat yourself or someone else.
I decided on a Dot Com as I thought it would be picked up more easily by international customers and I have kept the "Indigo" theme  but added the "stitched" to make it clear what I do.

I have been ordering some supplies to go in sections of the web site and I have been making additional items to go in as well.

It will take time to evolve but I would like to be able to offer ideas as well so there will be some PDF down loadable patterns and instructions to use with supplies you already have or you can purchase them from me.

I would also like to appeal to younger crafters who are starting out and would like to buy small kits to try out a skill at prices that they can afford.  I do not intend to make my million with this web site and at the moment just paying for it upkeep and my invoices would be enough and then see where it goes.

The site is powered ny Word Press and I will confess that this is new to me and already I need to learn how to use a whole new site.  I have been using blogger for nearly 5 years so it is like starting all over again.

You do not have to buy anything but it would help me immensely if you could search for my site via google and click on it to help it rise up the rankings. I would be really grateful, thank you.

I will add a link to the top of this blog and discreetly post when any changes or additions have been made.
The postage and packaging is a minefield seeing as the prices have just been increased again.  My aim or crusade is to keep them as low as possible.  I have managed this on Etsy and my site is in pounds sterling.  The postage is a flat rate, the main packaging is new but I will recycle outer packaging where possible but your items will arrive clean and pristine.  I shall see how it goes over the coming months.

So please click click away to help get me up those google rankings.
Many thanks and I would be really interested in what you think or would like to see included or added as I enjoy the interactive aspect of blogging and I would like to keep that friendly atmosphere on my web site.  It is intended to have a link.
See you tomorrow.


Jill Eudaly said...

Such exciting news. Good Luck with your plans. It all sounds wonderful.

Tatkis said...

Congratulations with your new site!
I'm glad to hear this news :)
Good luck!


Toffeeapple said...

Such excitement, I wish you well! Off to have a look...

Indigo Blue said...

Many thanks ladies. I enjoy blogging and I hope that the web shop will at least be a way of financing my hobby.

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