Sunday, 15 April 2012

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Well, I do not know where today has gone.  It has been quite busy here and typically just as it was the gardens turn next for some attention it started to rain, and I mean rain!  So hubby tidied the garage which is a never ending job, I scouted out more possible suppliers for the website and left my details with a few,took a risk and ordered some ribbon from Ebay which is soooooo cute and Sophie had her fill of watching Horrid Henry.
Then it was off to my in laws for a great homemade curry from a recipe linked to the Come Dine with Me series which has been getting really good feedback from others who have tried it.  It was gorgeous!!
So, full of  curry we then sat down and Sophie spent ages playing with their new i-pad.  I have to say that the drawing and photo apps are really good.  I shall try and upload some pics which we emailed to my phone.  I also feel a Plaroid Pogo moment coming along as well.

I am having trouble changing my current read picture in my side bar so I shall put it here instead.  Another in the series of  the Turnham Malpus village and this time it covers some darker topics such as drug dealing and gangs in cities.  A bit grittier this time but still keeping the village spirit going.  The roles of some of the key characters has changed too and I think that this may affect future books.  I now need to track down the next one.  "A Village Dilemma" by Rebecca Shaw.  I read it quite quickly with my new glasses, much easier.
  I did read another before this one and  it was set in the Tudor court of Henry V111 which I found very gripping.
A different type of book for me and I shall look to reading some more by this author.  It centres around the life of one girl  and how she and others are manipulated to the gain of others.  It put cross how unhappy lives might have been at this time and how lives could be so controlled and the outcomes fatal.  Excellent book.
 I have always loved anything to do with Kings and Queens right from when I was a child.  It was the main reason I took history, so you can imagine my disappointment when it was not on the study list at exam level!
What are you currently reading at the moment?
I wonder if a blog book swap is possible?


Mrs Jones said...

I love reading too. Have you discovered the Goodreads website? This year I decided to aim for reading 40 books and I have a little widget on my blog tracking this, Emma.

Indigo Blue said...

Oh, I like the sound of this. I shall pop over and take a look.
Many thanks

Andi's English Attic said...

I don't watch much tv and never reality programmes but for some reason Come Dine With Me has caught my attention. I should take a look at the recipe page on the internet, especially the curry if it's that good!

I'm reading a book I bought for my SiL at Christmas which she's lent to me. The story of a Souix Medicine Man. Extremely interesting and humbling. It's making me see how the human race should listen to the rythmns of the Earth rather than constantly taking from it and giving nothing back.
Have a great weekend. xx

wonderwoman said...

i have read a few of those village ones - i am always reading - dont go to bed withgout reading at least a chapter! Would love to do a book swap - i used to just keep mine but i have been turning them out lately and giving them to charity shops - except for the ones i reread!

John said...
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