Friday, 13 April 2012

Holiday Snaps

Nearly half of the day had gone by before I realised that it was Friday 13th!  
It all started with an email finally deciding on the website name which was partly inspired by a comment left on my web naming post back in January so a prize will be issued soon to that person.  They have not commented since so I hope that I can track then down.

This was then followed by an Etsy order which I was able to pack and take to the Post office before the lunch time collection.
I then spent some time sorting out my supplies and handmade items for a craft fair that I have signed up for in May, only three weeks away plus a website opening, I hope I have enough items to go around!
Next came the sorting out and up loading of the last batch of Holiday Snaps at Seaford.  Thought you might like to see them.
My sister in law and her partner have an allotment in Seaford and grow some of the most fantastic home grown veg and fruit I have ever tasted.  I wish I had more time and better luck with this.  The first year of our vg patch was good but then I think that every slug in the neighbourhood heard about it and decided to take up residence in our garden!!
We are seriously looking at converting it to cut flowers (the bees and butterflies will love it) and try some veg in containers and stick to just a few bits and pieces.
It was a glorious sunny day when we visited it to collect some veg for dinner.
A walk along the beach at Seaford is always a must.  Even in bad weather it is enjoyable.  Here is where the Kittiwakes birds live, on the cliff face where they build their nests.
I have never seen the tide out so far before and many hidden items from the past could be seen.
I have always been able to get a good sunset picture in Seaford too and this only a couple of minutes after the first photo shown was taken.
Lobster pots and fishing boats are moored on the pebble beach and on this walk we saw a small boat go out and place some lobster pots and haul the boat back up the beach using a special  winch.  Sophie was fascinated by this.  It even managed to stop her looking for "special stones" on the beach.
Hubby is not feeling very well and has gone to work only to come home and literally collapse because he is so tired.  Not like him at all.  
We always finding visiting Seaford very relaxing and at a time when my life is still upside down and has been since last September  that it was a break that I really did not want to come home from.
However, it will still be there to go back to.


Tatkis said...

You had a wonderful and full day!
And own veges are always sooo tasty!


Toffeeapple said...

I do so hope that your break will help you to feel better. It can be so unsettling when things aren't right in your life.

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