Monday, 16 April 2012

Etsy Treasury Feature UPDATED

UPDATED: In th end I took a photo of my laptop screen to show the Etsy treasury, honestly the things we do....
Note to self........ Learn how to do a print screen..... not easy on a Net book that only sees part of the screen at any one time.

There...can you see me?  Bottom row.

My first day back at work went by smoothly.  I did seem to spend quite a bit of one lesson having to unpick stitching mistakes but you get those occasions every now and then.
Two bits of good news, Cottage Designs over on Etsy added my blue sequin waste (punchinella) in a blue themed treasury, so thank you very much and we have added each other to our circles!

I also had another Etsy sale so my lovely bright pink make up bag has a lovely new owner.
I managed to get hold of my next reading book and I have also had some interest in a little book swap.  I wuld have to think about how to do this and as long as everyone involved understands that you get the book to try and may not like it then it could be one to try.  
So if you are interested call back tomorrow and I will do a mini book swap post.  I will consider postage issues as well.
Off to sor tout some stuff for tomorrow then tea, book and bed!

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