Monday, 23 April 2012

Bead-dazzled Bracelets

I am taking part in another craft fair in a few weeks time and I wanted to add some new items.  I am not a jewellery maker but I will dabble for birthday presents etc.  
Therefore, I do have quite an extensive range of beads.  These are nice and I think that they look a little like small stones but they are plastic but quite heavy decent quality plastic....if that is possible!
So a couple of weekend's ago Sophie and I settled down to a bracelet making session.  She used her beads to make some for her friends.
Of course quality control is very important and Toffy is here just checking that I am getting it just right.  You can see that I am wearing a bracelet that I made.  I have been wearing it for over a week and it is excellent, easy to wear and most importantly not fallen apart.  So I am keeping this one!
It was surprising just how many bracelets that my box of beads was offering up.  I tried to make a range of colour schemes and thought carefully about the overall size.
The pile kept growing and growing.  At the last count there are 13 bracelets which I shall be taking to the craft fair and any left over will be added to my new website.  There are still some beads left so I think another 4 or so can still be made.
The new website is being powered by Type Pad so it is like learning to blog all over again so is not live yet   I also have a list of questions that I need to go through with the web designer.  Nothing major,,, you now the sort of thing.............complete confusion........should be easy to sort out.
Sophie and I had such great fun making these and choosing the colours.  We spent ages on these and hopefully they will all sell.
I need to make some space so that I can order some stock and I know have two tins of beads instead of four.  Progress I think.  

Final word from Toffy our quality control representative............

"Today is my birthday and I am two years old!"
He is a lovely cat who we thought we would lose to Cat flu a year ago but he pulled through.
He is such a character and definitely a part of the family.  We think he really missed Tiger when he passed in January and seemed "Lost" about the house for some time.  He loves being with us and will follow one of us to whichever room we are in and sit with you until you move on.  Loves being with Sophie and watching her play.  We bought him a Catnip toy for his birthday and he enjoys playing with that.  But his best toy is still his ping pong ball!  He whizzes round the kitchen at high speed for ages, like a pinball machine!  Last night he was bringing the ball back to hubby to throw for him.  Not sure that is normal for a cat but there you go.

Back tomorrow.


secondhand bicycles in uk said...
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Tatkis said...

Wonderful bead bracelets - I love all those colours!
Toffy is so cute :)


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