Tuesday, 20 March 2012

OPAM - Embroidery Revisited - WIP

Whilst searching through files with patterns in that I have collected over the years I stumbled on a piece of folded up fabric.  Sophie came over to see what I had found.  The piece of fabric had a design carefully drawn on, but not stitched.
I have no idea when or why I drew this design and I had completely forgotten about it.  Definitely pre-Sophie days that is for sure.
So during the half term holiday I began to stitch the above design.
Now,  I think that it is a crewel design and I decided to just make up the colours.  I did make a fabric box once with a crewel design on it and it had a similar look to it.
Those of you with a keen eye or experience in this field may well notice some unevenness, colour issues etc, but considering it has probably been about 12+ years since I last did anything like this I am pretty pleased with this.
Now.....what to make it into?

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Indigo Blue said...

I have trimmed down the embroidery and in the maddle of actually making it into an item. I will post about it when it is made.

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