Friday, 2 March 2012

Twittered Out!

I have hit a problem in my quest to set up my web site.  Whilst also getting an idea together before I email anyone, I have discovered that I can not access my Twitter account!

I know that you should not do this, but I did have the username and password written down but one does not work. I suspect it is the password.  So I asked to reset it and had to fathom out the weird verification codes which I struggle to see....with or without my glasses!

I was then asked for my phone number which I must have submitted when I signed up..........well I have tried out in my mobile AND my land line and it will not accept either of them.  
Yesterday I received an email from Twitter saying that they missed me because I had not twittered for a while...........well that is because I can not get in...can I?!

I can only think that I must have miss typed the number in the first place and not realised it.  So my twitter account will have to just sit there for a bit until I have a brainwave.  I was thinking about Facebook, I think my decision may have been made for me now.
Is Facebook easy to use and would you recommend setting up a page?
I am hoping that it will spread news of Indigo Blue. Absolutely none of my family are on Facebook, some of my friends are and then many bloggers are too.  So for me it would be for promotion mainly and an extension of this blog which I love writing and looking back on.
Website Name Competition
I have not forgotten this competition and I think that I have narrowed it down to three names.  All really good ideas too.  So thank you to the 16 of you who commented or emailed me.
I shall announce a winner once all is set up.

I am watching the new Winnie the Pooh DVD with Sophie and it is really good, especially Rabbit.  He is stuck down a pit and trying to get out and Piglet is no help at all, it really is funny.
Tomorrow I am off to get my new glasses, maybe it will help my spelling and typing on this blog...or maybe not.
Many thanks fofr the huge number of you who have visited this past week, I wish some of you would comment so that I can find you. 
Have a good weekend.

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Toffeeapple said...

My OH has a retail business and his daughter set up Facebook and Twitter accounts for it, they do get a lot of feedback form both. They don;t cost anything so you won't lose and might just gain a whole lot of new customers. Good luck!

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