Sunday, 25 March 2012

Handmade Lounge/PJ Trousers - OPAM March

My students wanted to have a go at making a garment and one of the easiest ones to start with is PJ trousers.   We used a commercial pattern which I have left at school.  (Seeing as we have nearly finished them I shall bring it home and let you know what is is should you want to give them a go.  They really are very easy.)
They are 14 years old and with these trousers you have quite a bit of room for wobbly sewing etc and they should still fit.
Above you can see mine which I made with them to show the various stages.  Sophie took all of the pictures for this post and for a 9 year old they are very good.

These trousers (can be called lounge pants) have an elasticated waist and we decided to put a fake bow on the front, for decoration but to also make out which is back and front as well!
Should have ironed them, sorry, anyway they have been made from a recycled single duvet cover and I have plenty left for making some simple shoes bags to use in my suitcase when we go away next week  The other side of the duvet had variegated green stripes but the spots caught my eye more.
They are very comfortable to sit in and are made of 100% cotton at a fraction of the price.  All of the girls were advised to try and recycle a duvet or sheet etc.  As you can imagine we had some great outcomes, including a Noddy and Big Ears pair!
Last time I made a lovely pink flowery set from a duvet that I bought in Seaford.  They are at school and I shall bring them home to use and keep these as my class resource.....until I make another pair next year of course.
PS  Warm enough today to wear my beloved flips flops ALL DAY!!!!  Hooray!!!!
Roll on the Easter Break.


Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

I love them..the kids would of had a ball making them...

Toffeeapple said...

You are giving your students one of the best gifts - the ability to sew and, therefore, make their own clothes. Well done.

Tatkis said...

Such cute PJ pants!! I love them :)


Indigo Blue said...

Thank you Toffeeapple, but at the moment I am fighting to keep my subject on the timetable! As I write this I do not know if I will be teaching sewing, textiles etc next school year as they have me ear marked to teach child development. So much for slogging my guts out to gain a 2:1 degree in fashion design plus other qualifications in this area. I am keeping my fingers crossed that a solution is found.

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