Thursday, 8 March 2012

Little Birdie on Etsy

Not sure where the last week has gone and I do not seem to have anything crafty to show despite having several projects on the go.
I have added the above to my Esty shop which I finished in January.  Would make a lovely Mother's Day or Easter gift.
This is made out of craft felt and hand stitched together.  My own Little Birdie design which did feature in some of my quilt blocks last year.
I do have some re-fill notes books to fit as the cover is removable and a new book can be added.
My hand embroidery is coming along nicely but the day job seems to have taken over a bit this week.
I have been in touch with someone who may be able to help set up a website for me and I need to get back to them and hopefully make a start.
The weather seems to have picked up this week despite the down pour yesterday it was blue skies today.  I have noticed the evenings staying lighter for longer too.  I so much prefer it as I feel more energised when I get home form work.  
I have looked at the first lesson of my on-line art course and at the weekend I hope to make an actual start.  I cannot give too many details of the course in respect for the author but I can show you some of my pages when I have completed them.

Well.. Friday again tomorrow and I am going to take in some cupcakes for my GCSE Textiles group who have gained some fantastic grades from the exam board this week.  Despite this success my subject is not running next year so it is a bitter sweet joy for me.  It seems that textiles is not worth doing if you do not want to do it as a job rather than a skill as part of a well rounded education.  We just have another project plus a written paper in June and then we are home and dry.  Still lots to do, so I had better be off and create a revision list and to decorate those cupcakes.


Toffeeapple said...

Sorry to hear about your course, what shall you do instead?

Tatkis said...

Lovely blue bird!


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