Sunday, 11 March 2012

Mollie Makes Issue 4

Felt, beads and stitch.
I started the kit from the 4th issue of Mollie Makes when it first came out.  Due to other things happening I forgot to go back to it. 
 With new eyes I decided to change some of it.  I like using felt and the type that they use in the kits is really fun.  Due to it being a bit thicker it does maintain its shape better and is easier to cut.
I was not really sure if I would wear the one shown above but I do like the colour of the felt.  I do not wear dangling jewellery to work in case it gets caught on anything.
I also wanted to add some embellishment to it as well. I have all these beads so I really should use them.
I used all of the templates that came in the kit but I just layered up them up.I made the leaves double thickness and added chain stitch plus some bugle beads.  There are two buttons in the middle, some seed beads and running stitch.
I made each section separately.
I used the coloured paper feel string and stitched them on so that they did not slide down.  Once all of the stitching was done I had enough felt to cut a circle to stitch on the back and hide everything to give a neat finish.
I then added a fastening which I recycled from a broken necklace and adding this proved to be the most difficult bit!
I asked Sophie to model it for me and I am pleased with the way it turned out as it was not planned very much.
I would love to try and find some felt like this to try out some more ideas.
I shall wear this with a dark or black top to show up the colours and possibly stitch something on the back of the flowers to weigh them down a bit more.
So I have been busy making but this did take a bit longer than expected and stitching these colours in the evening is not easy to see despite my new specs.
It is a glorious day here today so I am off to take Sophie out on her scooter for a bit.


Brynwood Needleworks said...

It's beautiful! Well done! I think it will look fantastic on a black top.

Indigo Blue said...

Thank you Donna.
I am planning to make one in blue as I have some felt form another Mollie Makes Kit that I will not use as intended.

Toffeeapple said...

I think your interpretation is much better than the original, well done.

Lynn said...

This is awesome! I just love it!

Tatkis said...

Beautiful felt necklace - bright and cheerful!
And your stitches and beads make it unique!


Indigo Blue said...

Thank you.
I thought I might wear it tomorrow.

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