Sunday, 18 March 2012

Happy Mother's Day 2012

Every year since Sophie was able to, she has made me a Mother's Day card and this year was no exception.  This time the Brownie meeting was the venue and the above card the result of careful choosing and making.
This was sneaked into the house on Tuesday, well I was asked not to come out of the living room for 5 mins but you now what I mean.
Sophie found a use for the jumbo pipe cleaners she found yesterday at The Range and my MIL also got a purple version.
A painted mini canvas which I shall take to school and hang up along with another one that I have.
Sophie knows me well when a carefully chosen necklace from Monsoon is picked out and wrapped in a lovely box.  I am wearing it now.
She told me that it can be worn anywhere and with anything.  Hang on a minute....I am sure that she is only 9 but already giving Mummy fashion advice!  It is very nice though and a lovely gift from a girl who really does seem to understand her Mum and is turning out to be a very thoughtful young lady.
Now I really have been spoilt this year as the Brownie leaders also organised a little plant for each of the girls to take home as well.  I really have been impressed with Sophie's Brownie Pack.  They have some great ideas, activities and Sophie loves it!
So many thanks to Sophie, The Brownies, Hubby and my In-Laws, who popped over for lunch.
Even the sun shone today.
Hope you all had a good day.


Toffeeapple said...

Treated royally weren't you? How lovely that Sophie made your card and the heart. I think she is right about the necklace too...

wonderwoman said...

What a lovely lot of beautiful presents! Sounds like you had an amazing day. Xxx

Tatkis said...

It seems you had a great day, and Sophie's gifts are so lovely and thoughtful!


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