Thursday, 15 March 2012

Easter Gift for Sophie - OPAM March

I have been making drawstring bags with Year 8 since Christmas.  As they are designing and making them I usually make one along side them to show the various stages and techniques that they can use.
Some of mine go on display or I give them away, this time I thought I would recycle one of Sophie's fleece tops and make a bag for her for Easter.  We are a small family so we spread out things like Easter.  One person sorts out an egg, one might give a small amount of pocket money and hubby and I usually think of a gift with perhaps a use to it.  I hope that does not sound boring but Sophie love this approach and she is not all that bothered about chocolate. did read that right.  She is not keen on birthday cake or fizzy pop either.
I machine stitched the flowers, stems and leaves.  I then added some details with embroidery threads, the centre of the flowers were highlighted with some craft buttons.
The drawstring is made using a lovely 100% cotton cord.
I shall keep this at school until the holidays as the students have not seen the final item yet and so that Sophie does not see it just yet.
I have plans to make a few more for the website/Etsy.
Another March OPAM make too.  I have bought the new Mollie Makes after work today so I shall be back with that later.


picciolo said...

It's very pretty, I'm sure Sophie will love it
: )

Tatkis said...

Sweet and beautiful Easter bag for Sophie!


Toffeeapple said...

So pretty, she'll love it.

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