Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Well, would you believe it?

My Etsy shop has been very quiet for several months and has prompted a re-think recently.  Once I have got some late meetings out of the way this week I shall be following up enquiries about hopefully having a website set up.
So you can imagine my surprise when this past week I have had not one but three orders!
One for sequin waste which I have always sold lots of but I do not know why and then last Thursday one of my purses.
Now here is the real surprise....see the above purse?  One of my favourites and very nearly did not get listed at all.  Listed Sunday evening and it was quite late too.........SOLD Monday afternoon!

I have never ever had that before.  It was taken equally as quick to the post office by my dear hubby and is now on its way to the USA where I hope its new owner will be pleased with it.
My hits on this blog have also shot up this past week or two.  Whatever is going on I am very grateful because it is often said that if one part of your life is going badly, (day job in my case) that other parts great improve so I think I am living that at the moment.

I have just finished another magazine project for Popular Crafts this time.  I need to submit the instructions and if it is good enough may in included in a future issue.  I will let you know when.  Tomorrow Sew Hip issue 39 is out and I am in that again, not sure which page or anything.   I shall get a copy Thursday when I do the weekly shop.  I would like to do some work with Mollie Makes one day.  I would really love to test out their front cover kits before being used as I think that could be really good fun!
I have hit a snag with my crochet bag and finding it a bit awkward to sort out so that is in the UFO bag for a bit.  I have also cut out some things to make up for the craft fair that I am doing just before Easter. I think I need to make some more purses too. I shall show those another time as I only got home at 8pm from working late tonight and evening pics are not very good sometimes.
I best go and finish my instructions so that I can email them before I go to bed.
Take care all


Christina said...

How nice.
Are you going to go to Linky Followers so we can follow you by that or something else since GFC is closing in March? I would hate it if I wasn't able to see any more of your posts. I myself went with Linky.

Katherines Corner said...

wonderful, congrats! Hugs P.S. I'm your newest linky follower :-)

Toffeeapple said...

That is such good news about your shop, I hope it continues in that way.

I know that Google is closing Friend Connect but I have your posts come to me via Google Reader, does that mean that I have to join the 'Linky thing' to still get your posts? It doesn't take much to confuse me...

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