Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Organising 2012 even more.....

I bought this bright filofax from Paper Chase in Cambridge about a year ago. It was reduced because it had a diary and I found it at Easter! 
I liked the colour and the flowers on the front and had a bit of a "creative" look about it.  There is a band and clasp fastening to keep it all closed.
As you can see, this book was starting to get rather messy as a lack of time meant that scraps of paper, post-it notes, fabric etc just got popped in here and there.  In fact, I was struggling to get the magnetic clasp to meet up!
After struggling to find a filofax hole punch I managed to find one at Staples for nearly £10.00!  So you can imagine my disappointment when I struggled to even hole punch thin paper!!!! Eventually I ended up using this dinky little red hole punch which hubby has had for years and years. 
I then bought some special card in a range of embossed and shades of blue to follow the Indigo Blue theme.
I used an old filofax page to draw around and then used the red hole punch to make my own stylish card dividers.
Just for a bit of soppy fun, I found these in a sale at Whsmiths and sprinkled these throughout the dividers.
The next stage was to decide what my dividers would organise, so using a scrap piece of paper I jotted them down.
At this point I did hit a snag when the only pen that would work on the card was a permanent marker.  I will see about covering this with something else but at the same time this book is not meant to be all pristine, but hand made and needs to evolve a bit too.
I also have some plastic pockets to store business cards and the Moo cards that fellow bloggers might send.  This is another step towards my 2012 organising and increasing the role of Indigo Blue.
I am re-listing in my Etsy Shop and over half term I shall be adding new items that have been made.
I really enjoyed re-doing my book and it stills needs to develop more to suit me but it did not cost me much (except perhaps the filo fax punch which I have learnt to press really hard on a protected surface!)  I can change and update the dividers as and when new needs come along.
What do you use to keep things in order?
Any ideas that you would like to share add to the comments section.


picciolo said...

how nice to end up with something unique to you!
: )

Tatkis said...

Wow, Andrea, your renewed filofax looks great!
I was dreaming about something like that (when I saw those http://www.kikki-k.com/shop/product/my-dream-home/), but about craft plans :)


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