Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

As promised a few more cards to look at.
I did stick to the traditional colours with this card.  I like cross grain ribbon, it is really easy to work with as it is just that little bit thicker.
Again, I used the heart embossing plate and then attached a red layer of rippled card.  On top of this I added a metal silver heart and a heart gem.  This is on a square card with my Indigo Blue stamp on the back.
Hubby has not had a chance to open his card and gift yet so I shall get back to you on that but I hope that today is a good day all round .  "What are you doing today" I hear yo ask, well I shall be in a car travelling to Cambridge which could take pretty much all day to visit my Mum.  I did not double check the dairy before confirming but never mind, for Hubby and I everyday is Valentine's Day!  Oh dear me that did sound rather sugary and sweet , but you know what I mean.
Take care

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