Sunday, 12 February 2012

Batik Basics

As part of a taster session for GCSE at school a week ago I introduced Batik.
Using a wax melting pot and a jtungting tool we added melted wax onto cotton which was stretched over a wooden frame.
Then using the tool the wax is added to the fabric so that it soaks through enough on both sides, this will stop the paint from spreading.
Next, using a clean brush we added silk paint.  Now, it is thought that silk paints can only be used on silk and this is not the case.  The colours have a vibrancy which can not be achieved in the same way with fabric paints. Above is my efforts which I started as a demo and then finished painting whilst the students worked on their own pieces.
I tried to link it to  the theme or circles ,swirls and spirals which we are working on in  lessons at the moment. I shall publish other posts about my work with this topic.
I do have a few pictures of some of the Batiks that the students made, it was only a small group on the day.
Once the paint is dry, and this can be speeded up by using a hairdryer, the wax is removed with an iron and baking parchment.
These samples have since been put on a display board for all to see.  After half term we shall be having a go at this technique with the whole group in shifts of 5 or so for safety.  Once the wax is on the fabric the rest is pretty safe to do with a paint brush.  I have taken  some colour photocopies of my piece of  work for further use with this project but I shall come back to that once I have used it.
I really enjoy batik as long as you realise that it is not an exact science and the wax can drip in places that you do not want it but that is part of the fun and its charm.  Has anyojne else tried this?
I have got the number for hiring the church hall for my evening class on getting to know your sewing machine.  Just need to organise a date.


Toffeeapple said...

Those look very good. I went to a demonstration of this technique way back in the late 70s but I never have tried to do it.

Tatkis said...

Such an interesting technique! I've never worked with batics, yours looks fantastic!


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