Saturday, 7 January 2012

Still organising 2012

Over Christmas I was blog hopping and discovered quite a few people determined to really go for de-cluttering their homes.  Now we do not exactly spend much or throw money away, but having been in our current house for about 12 years you do accumulate things.
So I have picked up on a couple of ideas and come up with what I intend to do in January, and that is to de-clutter one item a day.  The item will either be given to Charity (I have a bag in position and when full will be taken to the Charity shop).  Or given to a friend to use.  Or put in for recycling or up-cycle for a different use.  Progress so far........
January 1st  An old rusty tin. (Recycling)
January 2nd Old cheap plastic ink pen.
January 3rd   Four CB's (Charity shop)
January 4th An un-used red Bag (Charity shop)
January 5th  Table cloth (Charity shop)
January 6th Heart shaped wooden picture frame (Charity shop)
January 7th  Sorted out and removed rusty clothes pegs.
January 8th ???????
Some of the items are really quite small but I need to start somewhere and as time goes on I am sure that it will get harder and the items more significant.  If I should change my mind before the bags go to their homes then I can......but hopefully not.
How is your organising for 2012 going?  I intend to also sort out my craft/blog and on line shop paperwork next, but that is for another time.
My crochet WIP is progressing and thank you to all of the people who visited yesterday  I will have more to show you but I have been marking student homework today so progress has been stopped.
The flower picture?  Well I just like it and a post looks a bit forlorn without a picture.............
Have a good weekend


Wendy said...

Sounds like you have an organizing plan that suits you...good luck with all your organizing. It does get easier the further along you go.

Tracy said...

I too decided to start a reorganising and declutter plan for at home and have been following a few of the fly lady tips and her shiny sink definitely works I love leaving the kitchen slick and span before bed now and somehow it makes me what to keep other rooms tidy too and I'm getting rid of the clutter at the same time. Good luck with your plan

Chocolate Cat said...

Decluttering is high on my list this year, I am trying really hard to do a little each day!

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