Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Pop Art WIP

This year I have been asked to teacher Art to Year7 and 8.  I like to actually have a go at the wook that the students are asked to do and it enables me to see what pitfalls they may encounter before they reach them.
So I found a sketchbook like theirs and started to produce some of the tasks in advance so that they could get an idea of how to work and create their own interpretation.
I needed to choose an artist from a list of three.
I chose Romero Britto.  I have previous posts on this artist.
Sorry, this picture has been rotated, we also looked at existing bold graphical images including chocolate wrappers.
We also looked at stencilling with acrylics.  I have a picture of this but blogger is being silly with it so I shall leave it out.  Once all of this was done we then designed an image in the style of our chosen artist on to a wooden board using acrylic paints. 
Below is my effort.
Using a sponge I coated the background in turquoise and being acrylic I needed to let it dry overnight.
I then pencilled on my design, keeping to the theme and artist style that I had chosen.
The areas of colour were then added using my research as reference.
Once all of the colour has been added and allowed to fully dry, I used a thick permanent marker to go around the edges and add any detail.
It is now sitting in a stand on a shelf in my classroom.
I really enjoyed this project.  This week we are starting Tribal Identity.  Lots of pattern and lovely research to be done.  More on that another time.

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Barbara Moore said...

I bet this is like going to play everyday that you teach! Love your homework too don't you? lol I think your artwork is wonderful. Thanks for sharing it with us and please continue.

Hugs XX

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