Sunday, 8 January 2012

Mug Rugs for everyday use

I really enjoyed making the Christmas mug rug but that has now been packed away until next time.  This meant that I needed one to replace it, that could be used everyday and washed etc.  I decided to modify a quilt block that I had, to sort of recycle its use.
Lovely bright colours which will brighten up the dreary evenings as I wait for the clocks to change back.  At the moment I am going to work when it is pitch dark and just about getting home before it is dark again.
I wanted a bright colour for the back that would not compete too much with the front.  The red spotty fabric links with our kitchen colour scheme should this en up in there with some red floral fabric which I liked.  In between the layers is some cotton stitched batting which can be used in all sorts of things including this insulation of curtains.  I have used it many times and these mug rugs are good at using up the smaller pieces.
I then stumbled on this fabric and an idea sprung into my head about making a couple of these as birthday gifts.
The darker fabric was given to me by a friend the year Sophie was born (2002) so about time I used it!  I wanted to add something new to my mug rugs to added some fancy stitching using my sewing matching using white thread on a grey linen.
I had enough to make two, Tea for two, even.
I top stitched around the outside using matching thread.
Then I gave them a careful press on both sides.
So far I have made 5 mug rugs and I agree that they are really addictive.  My next aim is to dig out any scraps and make some more as gifts as they do not take up much space to store them.  This project could be a good introduction to quilting for my students at school.  A Mother's Day gift perhaps.
Have a good week.


Peg - Happy In Quilting said...


Barbara said...

Oh I like them!!They would make wonderful gifts, after I make some for me! :0)

Hugs XX

Mom Walds Place said...

Your teapot mug rugs are going to be wonderful gifts!

Neabear said...

Those mug rugs are so cute! I love how they turned out!


Wendy said...

These are just lovely! And they are addicting to make!

Tatkis said...

They all are so cute! I love the teapots very much :)


Chocolate Cat said...

I'm back on the mug rug bandwagon again too! Hoping to get quite a few made for presents.. Love yours.

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