Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Mollie Makes Issue 6 - Coin Purse Kit

With the festive break nearly upon us I would like to catch up with some of my sewing projects,  I have quite a list!
First up is a kit from issue 6 of Mollie Makes.  I have not seen any of these featured on other blogs so if you have had a go at this kit let me know how you did.
The kit comes with fabric and a silver look snap clasp.  The pattern and instructions are in the back of the magazine. 
I decided to use some fabric that I have had stored away for some time.  I have been wanting to use this LOVE U by Deb Strain for MODA for some time but did not know for sure what I wanted to make.
It has a real fun almost summery feel about, just right for cheering up.
Once all of the bits were assembled I cut out the fabric using the dinky little pattern supplied.
The kit and instructions does not mention lining so I decided to cut extra pieces including some interfacing so that I could  line the purse.
Gluing the fabric into the metal clasp along with some thick string was rather tricky and I did get covered in PVA, but got there in the end.
I am glad that I used the same fabric for the lining, a nice splash of colour when the purse is opened.
This was quick to make and creates a cute little coin purse to keep change for parking in the car.  The material that came with the kit has been bagged by Sophie to use in her card making!
So, did anyone else have a go at this kit?  Leave a comment, did you change anything as you made it.  has anyone bought purse snap clasps to make their own purses?  I am still thinking about making another purse, I think that I will need some kind if pattern and instructions to guide me through the first one, but this kit was a good start.


Heidi Liz said...

I have not yet made my little purse! Yours looks beautiful though, so might have a go some time this week!

Lovely blog!
Heidi @ The Bee Hive


Brynwood Needleworks said...

I haven't seen or made this kit, but you did a fabulous job! It's so darn cute!
Merry Christmas, girlfriend!

WendyCarole said...

I love the fabric

Tatkis said...

What a lovely coin purse! Fabric is very cute!
I prefer clapses with holes - it's much easier to sew than to to clip them :)


Carol said...

I didn't buy that issue but the purse does look lovely.
Carol xx

Wendy said...

This is the cutest coin purse!

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