Sunday, 4 December 2011

The Clothes Show Live 2011

On Saturday 42 students and 6 staff all staggered on to a coach at 4am in the morning to go the the Clothes Show Live 2011 in Birmingham.  Foe those who do not know, it is a large fashion event which includes a professional fashion show.  The whole event runs for about 5 days. 
We took mostly fashion and textiles students plus some art and media.
I tried to take some pictures with my camera, really I should have taken my SLR but never mind.  So please excuse some of the blurs but I hope it will give you an idea.
The show lasted for 45 mins, it included fashion and dance.
The show was based on the floors of a department store as you watched it covered areas such as menswear and womenswear etc.
There were two large video screens on both sides of the stage.
The stage had large screens at the back which projected images which matched the collection of clothes as they appeared.
The picture here shows some of the pictures and it gives you an idea of how big the stage was.
The dancers were very good and added to the show, the models took on the role of showing off the clothes.
There was a bridal section too. I do have my doubts about the dress that looks like she has in fact forgotten to put it on!  My lecturers would have raised an eye brow if I had submitted that when I was at college, how times change!
The NEC is huge and outside of the fashion show hall is the rest of the show which has lots of stands showing tends in clothes, make-up, hair and nails.
There was lots of people there.
Some of the stands must have taken ages to set up.
This coat was unusual.  It seemed to be made of a heavy weight felted wool, with a lovely shape.  I was not sure about the zip up the front, I felt it spoilt it a bit.  Some large fabric covered buttons with some embroidery on it would have  been better.
There were loads of bags on display but too many people to take any pictures and some stands would not let you.
This stand was interesti8ng and I intend to go back and have a go but frankly when I did my 4qam start had caught up with me and I decided not to.
Strips of fabric of different thicknesses and some were stretchy or brightly coloured.  The overall impact was good.  Pity it was tucked out of the way in the corner, should have been more visible in the hall really.
This is part of the Rimmel make up stand and they created an orange telephone box.  Seems a bit odd but it was really good.  It stood out well.
Then in the middle of everything was this yellow cab!  Very shiny and much bigger than you think if you see them in films. 
I would have taken many more pictures but they would have been filled with lots of people, not being allowed to take some was a bit of a problem but it was a fun and very tiring day.  As for next year?  Well we shall see.


wonderwoman said...

I went a few years ago with my daughter and it was brilliant but exhausting! Xx

picciolo said...

How frustrating about the ake competition - yours should have won easily! I hope you have recovered from your 4am start
: )

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