Friday, 2 December 2011

A Christmas Bake

This year Sophie decided that she would like to enter the school Christmas cake competition as part of the Fair this year.  You do not have to make the cake it is the decorating that is the main aim.
Together we settled on trying to male a Christmas tree.
We bought some round sponge cakes and stuck them together with butter icing.  We shaped another sponge cake and gradually built it up to a point at the top.
Around this we stuck small buns with the top side facing out to gradually make a type of cone shape.
We then hit a problem.
Green food colouring is not as good as it used to be and my butter icing could only manage a bright pale green which frankly looked awful.  An emergency dash to Tesco to find some colouring paste, all gone.
So back to the drawing board (with a slight tinge of panic) and we came up with a snow covered tree hence the cream icing.  We used two sizes of nozzle and Sophie learnt how to do basic piping.
Sophie then decorated it with strawberry laces, smarties and jelly tots.  An all chocolate star went on the top
Finally Sophie put some sparkly parcels on the cake board which came from the decorations section in Asda.
Voila! Sophie's first cake. 
The result of the competition is that it was rather badly organised and we came away not knowing who can 1st, 2nd or 3rd and Sophie has decided not to do another one.  This is not the first  time that she has thrown herself into something and then it has not been followed through.
We did put ours up for the silent auction and someone happily took it home with them.  So in that respect the cake was a winner with someone.
Off to the Clothes Show at the NEC tomorrow with 43 students so I better get some sleep.


The Garden Bell said...

Wow. That sure is a fun cake. I love the red licorice whips myself.

Lynn said...

That cake is so yummy! Beautiful work!

Carol said...

Beautiful cake, well done Sophie. It looks like First Prize quality to me.
Carol xx

Cozy in Texas said...

It turned out lovely - it's a shame the competition didn't recognize it.

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