Thursday, 24 November 2011

A Relaxing Read...........

I do not get the chance to read as much as I would like. Certainly not during the day but I do try and make a point of having a cup of tea in bed at night with a few pages.
I am looking for the next Rebecca Shaw book in a series that I am reading so in the mean time I picked up the book shown above.
It has been good and some nights I have forgotten about the time and maybe put the light out later than I should.  I follows the life of a young courtier, Mary, in the reign of Henry the VIII and all of the plotting and beheadings that happened during that part of history.
It starts when she is about 11 years old and traces her life, loves, tragedies and horrors of the time.
How factual it is in certain places I do not know although the author does have a history major.  But to be honest I am not bothered, I really enjoyed it and did find it hard to put down.
If you like Philippa Gregory then you will probably like this too.
I am in-betweeen books now as I have a magazine article to do before I get distracted with another "Relaxing Read".


Ally Johnston said...

Sounds like a great read. I love historical fiction too, especially around the time of Henry VIII.

Carol said...

I like historical fiction too and have read several by Phillipa Gregory and last week found a hardback copy of "The White Queen for 50p in local charity shop.
I can recommend Alison Weir's "Innocent Traitor". Lady Jane Grey's story.
I get 'extra' reads in by listening to audio books when I am gardening or ironing.
Carol xx

Toffeeapple said...

I like that kind of reading too, thank you for the suggestion, I shall look out for it.

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