Saturday, 19 November 2011

Eden Project - Children in Need

We like to support Children in Need every year in some way and this year we managed to do more than normal.
Above is a kit from ASDA created by LEGO of Pudsey Bear.  There were lots of pieces inside and Sophie was thrilled that she was able to follow the instructions on her own to make him.  The money went to the charity.
Children in Need is on the BBC nationally but our regional programme Spotlight was at the Eden Project so this year we decided to pop down and see what was happening.
As we walked down to the biomes all of the Christmas lights were on.  Above is a picture of a tree which is made from plastic carrier bags but the blue lights and tinsel made a lovely tree.  The picture does not really do it justice.  
Lots of greenery and little white twinkling lights.
 This bandstand was near one of the stages.
I turned round to find...........
Pudsey Bear with .....Captain Jack Sparrow?.......Calm down ladies, it is not "THE" Captain Jack Sparrow, but not a bad look alike I have to say and the children loved it.  Pudsey was completely surrounded by little children all wanting a hug from this special bear.  It never ceases to amaze me just how much money they manage to raise every year despite the economical situation.
The Eden Project has an ice rink every winter and Sophie has been on and on about having a go.  Well hubby did his father bit and donned a pair of ice skates to take Sophie out on the rink.  The picture above is of part of the decorations which really do make the rink look all christmassy.
I struggled to get a picture of Sophie and hubby but you can see how nice the rink looked.
Some of our school choir took part in the massive choir singing special on the Children in Need programme and they sounded really good in the Mediterranean biome.  Over 3,000 children and students look part in a video linked song for Children in Need.  A lovely idea and a great evening out.

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Carol said...

Wow, that looks like a wonderful event. Glad you had a good time.
Carol xx

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