Sunday, 13 November 2011

Birthday Fun

Due to Sophie's birthday being in the middle of the week this year we decided to have friends party today.
The food was discussed and purchased, games thought of and the house decorated (including some bunting on the outside of the house!!)
Our first job was to create a little work of art using felt tip pens.  Could have used the paint which came with the little pictures, but I did not want any accidents with clothes, floor etc.
These a little canvases which I found in The Range.  Sophie has used these on several occasions and she thought that here friends would also enjoy colouring them.
Sorry about the picture, but blogger again has other ideas.  Fun pictures though.
We also tried a pinatas ( I think that is spelt right) took a time to open and due to not instructions and thinking there was something inside already, it fell apart and we discovered that it was full of paper!!  We have never bought one of these before and we did shake it and as it was so heavy we thought some sweets were already in there.  So a "Doh" moment for mummy and daddy and we felt awful about it.  In the scheme of things recently perhaps we should not worry about it but it was our mistake and we felt awful.  So a bag of maltesers was produced and we tried to save the moment.  Sophie did say about trying it again another time.  Our new take on pass the parcel by having a lucky dip proved to be ok by having a large bin bag filled with 6 presents and 6 "duds" and each person took it in turns to dip until everyone found something.  One person pulled out two and tried to keep two but there you go.  Basically said put one back.................
Moving on swiftly.................
As in previous years Sophie asked for cupcakes and I tried to make them look a little different to last year.  So plain cupcakes with vanilla or chocolate butter icing.  Decorated with a few maltesers and rive paper flowers.  All from good old ASDA.
The rice paper flowers are lovely and are not too thick, melt a little on the tongue.  I just popped them on top of the butter icing.
Cupcake anyone?
Each girl was to go home with a cupcake, but the next questions was how to do this easily.
.............back to ASDA which is where I found these individual cupcake boxes in the party section.  They come flat packed and has a separate inner base with a hole to slot in your cupcake so that it does not move around. 
All safe and secure.
There is even a little window so that you can see that cupcake loveliness!
Well.......all over for another year and it will be double figures nest time.  So maybe a different approach which  involves taking a couple of friends to the panto.
I have an idea to get some more of these and make some Christmas themed cupcakes for colleagues at work this year.  Will be a little different I hope.


jo said...

Love those cupcakes, your are so clever. xx

Twiggy said...

Can I come to Sophie's next party please :)
Twiggy x

Toffeeapple said...

The little canvases are superb, I would have loved something like that when my daughter was growing up. You did very well with those cupcakes, I always had to do Snoopy cartoon cakes or similar.

I think everyone enjoyed themselves!

picciolo said...

Hi, I'm glad Sophie had a lovely birthday and party! I too have decided that next year will be different to a party at home, they are exhausting - I liked your canvas idea though, and the cupcakes look amazing!!
: )

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