Thursday, 15 September 2011

OPAM 2011 - Fancy Lanyard strap

I have been trying to make a Lanyard for my latest memory stick for most of the summer but I kept putting it off.  Finally. today I used my lunch break to do it.  I need to start using the stick and losing it needs to be avoided.
I used an existing lanyard to work out the measurements for length.  I used the fixings from a broken lanyard  as the clips are quite hard to find that small in the shops.  Recycling is always a good thing anyway.
New memory stick and recycled fixings.
Looking to see which fabric I could use to make the strap I noticed that my collection of cross grain ribbon was not only the right width, but  plus strong enough not the snap.  I settled on the one shown above.

Even though the edges are already neatened, the ends taken through the clip need folding in and pinning.  I then used the old lanyard to work out how much I needed and then cut it off the roll.
Using straight stitch, secure the folded ends of the newly cut ribbon using a sewing machine or firm hand stitches.
 May be not a particularly creative make but certainly a very useful one!
My table runner is still glaring at me as I have been very neglectful these past two weeks, I thought Friday evening I could cheer it up by progressing a little more with it.
Hello to the few added followers who have joined this site.  I shall try and pop over to see you if you have a blog etc.  But for now, Hello!


Josie said...

it looks great, well done! lovely ribbon. Have you looked on ebay for clips?

Josie x

DivineChoice said...

Hello Indigo! I found you when I was researching handmade keyrings and I found your colourful photo on Flickr. I just had to visit and so glad I did. I love that new lanyard for your memory stick and the fact that you recycled the fixings. Your blog is lovely and inspirational :)

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