Saturday, 17 September 2011

Bathroom Chaos

When we moved into our house 12 odd years ago we did have a go at the bathroom ourselves.  Due to a lack of money more than anything we did our best.  Now we have saved up some money over a period of time and on Monday work will start on changing and up dating the bathroom.
The picture above shows the room striped of the contents and the basin has already been used for washing paint brushes and plastering equipment.
We are going to move the toilet to the other corner of the bathroom where the shower head is and put a basin where the toilet is. 
In this picture you can see that we have had the ceiling plastered and that light has now been changed for something that looks a bit like a space ship!
My garage is full of various boxes and pipes.  Next week we shall have to stay with the in-laws while rest of the bathroom is  ripped out plus hubby is dis-appearing off on a work trip.  Why do these thing come all at the same time?
Just like the kitchen I shall keep you posted how things go.

Many thanks for the kind comments further back.  I can not comment here about the sad news I received last week, maybe one day I can.  It just isn't the right thing to do for me.  I have pulled out of an Embroiderers Guild as I am not really in the right frame of mind for it.  Another class is sure to come along.
Have a good weekend.


WendyCarole said...

we made a mistake not having a new bathroom suite when we moved here years ago. Now I can't face it because it would mean being with out facilities while it was being put in.

hope yours all goes to plan

Chocolate Cat said...

I'm afraid I don't envy you but just keep remembering how nice it will be when it is finished. There is always another class around the corner, take care xx

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