Thursday, 18 August 2011

We are back!!!

We arrived back from our holiday fairly late on Tuesday and ever since I have been washing, food shopping etc. 
We have also been suddenly dropped in choosing showers etc for the bathroom as just before we went away we started the process of re-doing our bathroom.  It has been over 18 months since the Kitchen saga and we now feel ready for another project.  I will need to take some before pictures.
I have also finished my Professor Layton game.  I am now just completing any puzzles that I missed as I was searching around the village the first time.  I have even completed my current read just before I came home, a completed book in a few weeks, unheard of!  So I have started the next one which I will post.  I like Rebecca Shaw books, easy to read with believable characters.
I have been a good girl and completed some work for the day job today as Sophie was more interested in re-discovering her toys after 2 weeks away and wanted to spend some time on her own.  I now have a to-do list which is making my knees wobble.
I will confess to spending the evening doing nothing and literally painting my nails!
Hubby is off on more boat surveys this week so Sophie and I will be preparing yet another suitcase as she is off on her very first Brownie Camp holiday Friday afternoon!
It is not under canvas but in a hall/hut venue.  I shall get a better idea on Friday.  She will be away for three nights and she says that she is looking forward to it.  It will be the longest that she has been away but also without any family with her.  I am going to try an explain this to the group leader without sounding like an over protective and paranoid Mother.  Everyone is saying it will be great to have some days to ourselves but actually I hate spending time away from Sophie (she is only a child once after all) but she needs to try things such as this camp so my lips are sealed when talking to her about it.
She wants to take blankey Bear with her but is concerned that she may be laughed at.  You mean to say that a bunch of under 11's girls are not going to have a few bears in their suitcases!  Blankey will be the first item packed after Sophie give this idea more thought.
I think what really bothers me is that they are not allowed to take mobiles so saying good night is not an option, that will be the first time in 8 years of not being able to do that.  Even when Hubby or I are away we ring up to say that to Sophie.
While she is away we intend to sort out things for the plumber and builder to come in plus more work for the day job and I would really like to complete my new cushion covers.
Well I woke up at 5.30am not being able to sleep, in fact I woke up worrying that the water butts keep over flowing and excess water could have a long term effect on the house foundations (I know, mad but there you are) so I shall spend some time today emptying it around the garden.  Next week I shall probably be in the middle of a drought!
Does anyone else wake up in the night like this?
Off to make another cup of tea and put the bread maker on.

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