Thursday, 4 August 2011

A rainy day in Seaford

Today we woke up to a very wet Seaford so we have decided to postpone our trip to London until Monday.  I did go on the British Museum website and spent ages looking at it.  If your child has a project to do over the summer go to their website it is brilliant.  One of the reasons to for going is that Sophie is going to be studying the Egyptians at school in September.  I remember doing this at primary school and started an interest in History which sadly did not last as this and many other areas are not studied at GCSE.  I did History O'level and I have to say (ashamed really seeing as I am a teacher too) that it was very boring.  Government laws etc.  I wanted to study Kings and Queens, the Vikings and Romans etc.  But it was not to be.
Due to the rainy day we have had a quiet day.  I did brave the weather for abut an hour as I nipped out to buy the new issue of Mollie Makes, more on that another time, and to look at the charity shops which are very good here.  I got completely soaked but the allotment did need the rain.
Sophie was very good about the weather and read a book and looked at the Internet for the BBC children's programmes.  So to lighten the day we headed off to Eastbourne and watched Cars 2.  I have never sat in such uncomfortable seat in my life and everyone was fidgeting but Sophie enjoyed the film and we have just had a lovely Chinese takeaway.  It is still raining but should be bettter tomorrow.  We are off to Ashford to meet up with a friend that I have known since I was about 4.  We keep in touch but have not met in person since our wedding in 1998!! 
Due to our lazy day I have been able to read some more of my current read and the next one is sitting in my suitcase just in case I get time to start it as well.  I also managed some sewing but Ray, one of the cats, had other ideas and kept making a grab for the thread so in the end I read my book with Ray asleep with me.  Very relaxing.  Both cats have been brilliant considering they have not seen us for a year.  I will try and get some pictures for you.  They are truly splendid cats.
Once I have posted this I am off to do some crochet and sewing in front of Disney's Nemo.
More on my visit to Ashford tomorrow.


Tatkis said...

What a lovely day!
Waiting for the cats' photos :)

Best wishes,

Indigo Blue said...

I just need to get the cats to sit still long enough to take the pictures!

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