Thursday, 11 August 2011

National Trust - Nymans

Earlier in the week we visited some local National Trust sites  Firstly we visited Nymans in Haywards Heath.  Armed with our cameras, I was hoping to take pictures to use on my cards and inspiration for The Sketchbook Challenge themes, some of which I am behind on.  So this post is quite picture heavy but should give you an idea of how lovely this garden is.
The rose garden smelt gorgeous as soon as you walked into it even though some of the roses had finished blooming.
So many different colours and such lovely scents.
Each one looking perfect.
Once these pictures have been printed onto photo paper they will look good on the front of cards that I take into work.  In the National Trust handbook there is a glorious picture of the walled garden and I have to say that we were not disappointed in real life either. Here is my version below.
As you walked around the corner it was a brilliant spectacle of colour.  It took ages to get this picture without anyone standing in the way due to the popularity of this area of the garden.
The rose garden had direct competition from the dahlias, which I love but struggle to grow in my garden.
All standing proudly showing off their petals.
All delicate shades of colour.
There are so many petals to each flower head.
This is the view when you walk past the fountain in the first picture.
This a corner section as yo walk away from the walled garden.  The rest of the garden is also lovely but this section in particular got my camera snapping away.
There is so much to look at including the house, summer houses, woods, picnic areas, shop, restaurant family activities etc.  Go to their website and see more.  It rained a bit while we were there and it did not make a difference at all.


Toffeeapple said...

It certainly looks lovely. Did you stay there a long time?

Indigo Blue said...

We were there for hours!!! One of my favourite places and we have visited a fair few over the years.

Tatkis said...

Adorable park! Love-love-love the roses!


Heidi Liz said...

That looks so beautiful! We love visiting NT sites too, this looks positively gorgeous though!

Mom Walds Place said...

Wow, I've been gone a bit, and came to see what you've been up to. I've decided that this is your loveliest post lately. Thank you for sharing!

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