Monday, 22 August 2011

Harry Potter Finale

With Sophie on her Brownie Holiday, we have tried to make the most of being able to just pop off and do something.  So on Saturday we popped over to Truro to see the latest harry Potter film.
Unfortunately there were no seats left so we went out for a very nice Chinese meal.  We had not booked but we got in if we promised to be out by 9pm!  You had to be there, it was quite funny.
While we were at Truro we did buy tickets for Sunday to back we went again yesterday.
We did see part one last year with a group of friends but this time we went on our own.  We were not disappointed it was very good indeed.  When you think how young some of the cast members and support cast are plus the expectation that everyone has as well.  Hubby was not so sure about part one but you could see that it was setting everything up for the final installment.
The effects were very good and the stone knights were very realistic.
Part one did not have many of the other cast members in it so it was a surprise to see how some of the cast  had grown up and changed in that time.
I have not read the book fully yet and once I had seen the first installment I stopped reading it then see the second part before carrying on reading.
Many loose ends are tied up and some odd threads that have been running through all of the films are cleared up.
Not entirely sure about the bit at the very end, I think that the time span was not thought about properly but I will buy it when it comes out on DVD so that I will have the full set plus the books which Sophie can then enjoy.  She knows about Harry Potter and wants to see them but has heard that it has some scary bits and has self-censored it by saying that she will see it when she knows that it is not going to give her "horrid" dreams.  Not daft my daughter.  I also have the books too.  The whole series has been very cleverly written and they are fun to read at any age. I have read many David Eddings and Terry Prachett books, so adults who read these should give Harry Potter a try as well.
We are due to collect Sophie in about an hour from her Brownie Holiday and I have really missed her.  I am anticipating lots of chat of what she has been doing plus a very tired little girl.
Crafting has been slow this past week as I have been doing marking for next term but my next crochet project is getting there.  My sewing table in the attic is out of use due to vents and pipes being put in for an extraction fan of the new shower room, so I have been banished to the kitchen table which already has paperwork on it.  I am, however looking at the living room floor as my next work area for the time being!


Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Andrea: I've read all the Potter books and seen all the movies but the latest one. I was in the theater with my grandson last weekend, but he doesn't want to see the movies until he has read the books. As he's only 9, there's no rush for him to do either...But I did miss being able to see this one while we were so close. Perhaps I'll go with DH later this week.
Thanks for your review. I'll be back to visit again soon.

essay said...

Harry Potter is my favorite movie!

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