Thursday, 25 August 2011

Patchwork "Flower" cushions are finished........Amended title

Amendment:  I am a twit!  I have another cushion on the go but these are clearly patchwork NOT crochet cushions!  Sorry about that, I was writing two posts and got myself in a muddle.  The crochet cushion needs a bit more stuffing then I shall post it here. 
I did start these cushions before I went away on holiday.  On Wednesday I went to my sewing group to finish them.  I wanted to make something brighter and with blocks and stripes of colour.  The sofa is a green and the pink and white blends in with some other features in the living room.
I used cotton quilting fabric and a simple flap opening at the back.  The covers needed to fit the cushion pads that we already had rather than buying more, which I am trying to avoid.
The top one was made a couple of weeks after the other two so it seems to be a slightly snugger fit(?) not sure why but no one here noticed when I brought them home!
I am really pleased with the way that they have turned out.  I simply planned them as I went along.  I wanted them to be simple and not too fussy.  Blocks of colour with a little bit of patchwork.
These are quite large cushions at 18" square each.  Nice duck down ones which have lasted and lasted, well worth the money when I bought them 5+ years ago.
There were two smaller cushions on our sofa but I have decided to see how we go with just these three as the other two often ended up on the floor and not used on the sofa.  They could always go on the futon in the attic. 
I have two more projects cut out and ready to roll.  Only about a week to go so I had better get my skates on as work for net term is now filtering through already!


Barbara said...

I love the pillows! You did a terrific job on them.

Hugs XX

Tatkis said...

They are just wonderful, all three! Great colours, so sweet and romantic! Congratulations!


Toffeeapple said...

Very pretty.

Yarny Days said...

These are so pretty! -- YarnyDays (also a member of Crochet Along)

Indigo Blue said...

Many thanks for your nice comments. Also sorry for putting the wrong post title as they are patchwork cushions and not crochet! Doh! Got my post titles muddled. Honestly how daft.

Fräulein Mimi said...


your pillows are wonderful,i love it to be on your blog.
I will follow you as reader :o)
Sorry for my bad english ;O)

Have a nice day

Greetings Mimi

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