Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Brighton in the Sun

Today we decided to head off to Brighton.  Plenty of sun cream needed as it is very hot and sunny again.  The above shells were outside an art gallery.  A huge bucket of them, all different shades of pink.  Would have been better in the sea maybe, but there you go.  Good for Sophie to see all of the different types.
These clam shells were really unusual and I have only ever seen them in aquariums too, (They may not be clam shells, they were labelled as such.  I have a shell book at home so I shall look it up when I get back).  Quite pleased with this pic.
We had lunch at Donatello which is brilliant.  Good prices and kids portions too.  We go there every year and are never disappointed.  you will find it on Brighton Place.
We walked along the Pier and had to go into the arcade as we have been putting 2P in a jar for a year for the very purpose.  Sophie actually managed to win a couple of notebooks which probably cost more that they should have but it was a bit of fun for putting annoying coppers in a jar.  We looked around the rides, which are very pricey then a young chap came up and said would you like these tokens as I will not use them (with a big smile) I said thank you very much, he said no problem and Sophie used them to have a go on some trampolines.  What a nice gesture from a complete stranger!
The weather really was scorching today and if we had not had factor 50 on I dread to think just how red we would be.  Hats were a must and we are now getting a picnic tea ready as our Italian meal did us well.
It was a good day out and we are a little tired and tomorrow it will hopefully be off to London for the day.  So an early start and plenty of pictures.
A big hello to the followers who have joined this week.  I shall pop over and say hello properly this week.


Toffeeapple said...

Looks like you are having fun. Are those really clam shells? The inside looks like Abalone. It's a good shot though, the lighting is very good. They reminded me of peach stones.

I hope it won't be too hot for you in London, that could be dreadful. Have fun.

Tatkis said...

Very nice place, and I love shells so much!


Mrs Balfour said...

I just love Brighton! Planning a surprise day out for my husband there soon.
Those shells are gorgeous - those colours :o)

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